Eqestrienne Stunt Shows

Equestrienne offer exciting fast paced shows….


Gladiator girls is a terrifying and magnificent Gladiatorial stunt show.

Horses have been used in Battle since 5000BC in Mongolia, and chariots were in use by Chinese War Lords in 2300 BC. The Romans, Persians and Greeks perfected horsemanship on the battle ground, and their precepts and preoccupations are still fundamental to horsemanship today.

Contrary to popular belief, throughout history, there have been many real warrior women, who have laughed in the face of adversity and fought men blow for blow on the battle field.

The Amazons- Horse back warrior women of ancient Greek history left death and destruction in their wake. Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes and client Queen of Rome was a fierce warrior.

 Boudicca who led an army and fought and defeated Roman legions. Queen Septima Zenobia of Palma governed Syria. She led her army into battle and fought will such skill she defeated Roman legions of Claudius, and Arelian. Mavia, Queen of the Saracens famously destroyed  Roman legions.

Picture beautiful horses, death defying stunts and trick riding at break neck speed. Gladiator girls promises leather clad warrior women sword fighting horseback, jumping horses through fire, and even a mini roman chariot. A bloodthirsty riot is about to commence.



Wild west women is a high energy wild west show showcasing  the famous Gun-totin’ gals of the wild west, and compared by Wyatt Earp. Featuring western trick riding, post riding and pony express, shooting, roping and line dancing horses!!

Starring: Annie Oakley, Little Miss Sure Shot straight from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Paris.

Annie Oakley became world famous in 1885 working in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show where she proved to be the best crack shot and sharp shooter in the world. She wowed the crowds with her shooting and riding displays , famously shooting ash off a cigarette.

Calamity Jane a woman of the west who had a reputation as being as tough as any man. Calamity Jane, once Martha got her nickname  from the way she warned men that to offend her was to court calamity. Jane was as Tough as nails and an expert at shooting and riding, she also liked a drink!!

Bandit Belle, or Belle starr was an elegant gangster doll. .Belle organised many robberies, and during her life was married to two outlaws. Belle was a real tough cookie, and even . She spent time in gaol and was eventually killed by outlaws who shot her in the back.

Large scale wild west shows can be arranged and can feature Buffalo Bill, Billy the kid, and real Native American Indians, world famous trick ropers and champion rodeo cowboys from Texas and Canada.

We also have an Arabian knights show, with Arabian horses, Trick Riding, belly dancing and Egyptian music

A Cossack trick riding show

Crazy Cossacks featuring Vladimir the drunken Russian compare, roman riding, trick riding, whip cracking, Russian opera singing.

We also offer cabaret and circus shows, and can arrange horse back operas, and theatre shows.

Equestrienne can also offer bespoke shows for any period or culture. Our horses and riders are also available for promotional events, film, TV and photo shoots. For more details and prices use the contact form on our contacts page.